Rake Structure

Rake is not collected when the hand ends in the first betting round.

When exactly 2 players are dealt, 5% rake is collected with a 25 G maximum.

When 3 or more players are dealt, the following apply:

Stakes Rake Maximum
0.01/0.02 G to 3/6 G 5% (20 G)×(players dealt) up to 120 G
Limit games: 1.5×(big blind)
5/10 G to 500/1000 G 5% (30 G)×(players dealt) up to 180 G
1000/2500 G and above 1% (50 G)×(players dealt) up to 300 G

Collected rake is rounded to two decimal places of the raked stakes.

Daily Login Gold Bonus

Players earn the following login bonuses once per calendar day (Eastern Time).

  • The first of the following that applies:
    • 30 G while bankroll is below 50 G;
    • 50 G while XP is below 600; or
    • 12 G