Overpear Inc. Terms of Use Agreement

We are Overpear Inc. and our Services include our websites and our games. By accessing our services you ("user" or "player") agree to comply with these terms.

We may modify these terms without notice. These terms are governed by the laws of California.

Using Our Services

You agree to comply with applicable laws.

You agree not to communicate illegal content through our services.

You agree not to copy, reverse engineer, or distribute software, graphics, game assets, or trademarks downloaded by accessing our services, except for assets used as press materials.

You agree you will not do anything to harm the operations of our services, including causing interruptions or accessing our servers in an unauthorized manner.

You agree that all prerequisites to accessing our services are your responsibility, including internet service, social network service, and computer hardware and software.

You agree not to gain an unfair advantage over other players. Advantages provided to you through virtual items are considered fair.

We do not police or mediate your communication with other players.

We may suspend or terminate your account for noncompliance with the terms herein.

Unguaranteed Service

While we make our best efforts to optimize your user experience, we cannot control all factors which may cause service interruption or temporarily degraded experience.

When downtime is necessary we make all efforts to continue services as soon as maintenance is complete.

Depending on server load, player time-to-act may be longer than usual.

If there is a server failure during a poker hand, we attempt to recover the hand. In situations where this is impossible (outages and other catastrophic failures), player balances reset to before the hand was dealt.

Similarly, if there is a server failure during a game played in any tournament format (Sit & Go, Freezeout, Shootout, etc.), unrecoverable states result in tournament cancellation with returned balances.

We may modify or cease services at any time.


We own or own a license to all assets downloaded from our servers.

You do not own content communicated through our services. You agree not to communicate content which infringes on the intellectual property rights of others.

We do not moderate content except when required to by law.

Virtual Items

You do not own virtual items. We give you a limited license to use any virtual items in your account.

Virtual currency has no cash value or stored value of any kind.

We do not offer refunds.

We may change prices of virtual items at any time. We may modify or remove items from inventory.

All charges include taxes. Other surcharges such as bank fees are your responsibility.

Virtual items are lost upon account termination, whether that termination is done by you or us.

Your Account

You are responsible for securing your account usernames, passwords, and means by which your account is accessed, such as access to your hardware or operating system. Neglecting this, you are responsible for resulting losses.

Terminated accounts cannot be recovered, including their virtual items.


You agree to our Privacy Policy.

Links and Advertisement

We do not endorse any third-parties through placed links or advertisements.

Last updated: September 19, 2015